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This is where it all begins !

If you are not yet accredited, you can apply for accreditation to attend Industry Days and CAMPUS online by creating your account. We invite you to enter your email address below in the “Would you like to create your account” section.

A precious advice: keep your password carefully, it will also be used to log in from January 18 to our website ( where the online Industry Days and CAMPUS will be held.

Once your accreditation is taken, your professional space will allow you:

◤ To consult the programme (PLANNING)

◤Access the directory of all accredited members (LIST OF PARTICIPANTS)

◤Download all the documents available (catalog, instructions for use, Zoom guide, etc.)


From January 18, to participate in Industry Days and CAMPUS, we invite you to visit


Log in with the same credentials as your Professional Space (email and password). You will then have access to all the exclusive content:

The Live page will allow you to attend all the sessions broadcasted on our two continuous channels (French speaking channel and English speaking channel)

A Replay (available until March 15) is available on every session page the day after the broadcast.

If you need assistance, we are available to answer all of your questions. Contact 00 33 5 59 43 53 21 or 00 33 5 59 43 53 22. Also by email at

Enjoy the festival!

Please read the official regulations for Industry Days accreditation (Download).

Please read the official regulations for Campus accreditation (Download).

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